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Book feature: Quest to the Unknown and Darkness and Light by Annelies George

Title: Darkness and Light
Author: Annelies George
Publisher: BI Publishing
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Format: Paperback/Ebook
On Tour: September 9-November 29

DARKNESS AND LIGHT is set five years after the brutal attack in Jessie’s apartment. From Miami to the Seychelles, the now married journalist continues her life journey. The metaphorical meaning of darkness and light are central themes throughout the story. Hatred, greed, betrayal, lies, the desire for power, far reaching jealousy, unconditional love, forgiveness and the noticeable changes in today’s climate are some of the spellbinding features of this plot.In the second part of the Jessie Golden Earth series once more today’s business jungle is intertwined with the intangible world of the other side. This results in an easily readable exciting story set in various countries around the globe, leading to a surprising unexpected end to this part in the series.


Title: Quest to the Unknown
Author: Annelies George
Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Format: Paperback/Ebook
On Tour: September 9-November 29

Quest to the Unknown revolves around up-and-coming Dutch reporter Jessie Golden, ready for her first holiday with business mogul and playboy Carlos Gomez, with whom she is engaged in a budding romance. Her journey begins when she finds a folder full of information on a mysterious woman named Nancy and her son Paul, leading her to an unexpected quest. Soon thereafter Jessie is confronted with a series of unexplainable supernatural occurrences. She realizes there is no such thing as coincidence, although she can’t unravel the true meaning of her quest nor her link to Nancy and her son. At the same time Jessie believes Carlos’ father has ties with some questionable characters. Startled by a series of unexpected events she reaches out to Ed Turner, Carlos’ right-hand man. In order to protect the one she truly loves, Jessie starts an investigation that points to the murky world of the mob. When a stranger is constantly following her, Jessie’s life is in serious danger. Can the ones she implicitly confides in, still be trusted? The first part of the Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth Series, introduces the main characters of the saga in an intriguing story of exceptional mother love, the far reaching consequences of choices in life, genuine feelings, blind faith and brutal deception, set in a multitude of countries in today’s fast moving business world.


Annelies George was born on 4 August, 1964 in Bussum, After the gymnasium, she followed a one-year course as an international secretary in Amsterdam. Immediately afterward she started to work for a law firm, studying finance, management and law during the evening hours with the goal of becoming a lawyer herself. A move to a different town brought her into the fast IT world, where she was employed by GE Capital, marking the start of a successful career in the international IT Finance world. Due to the intensity of the job and long working hours, she abandoned her plans for a law degree. At the age of 30, she was appointed to Benelux managing director of a US based lease company, a rare phenomenon at the time, since few women were holding similar positions in the specific branch in the Netherlands. Thereafter she accepted a variety of EMEA and regional management and sales roles with Cisco, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard. Annelies still lives in Bussum and is taking care of her 83-year-old mother. She loves, among other activities, to paint and design necklaces when she is not writing. On occasion she likes to travel to discover new places and understand the different ways of living around the globe.

You can visit her at: https://www.anneliesgeorge.com 

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Interview with Rosemary & Larry Mild, Authors of 'Copper and Goldie, 13 Tails of Mystery and Suspense in Hawai‘i'

ROSEMARY AND LARRY MILD, cheerful partners in crime, coauthor mystery, suspense, and fantasy fiction. Their popular Hawaii novels, Cry Ohana and its sequel Honolulu Heat, vibrate with island color, local customs, and exquisite scenery. Also by the Milds: The Paco and Molly Murder Mysteries: Locks and Cream Cheese, Hot Grudge Sunday, and Boston Scream Pie. And the Dan and Rivka Sherman Mysteries: Death Goes Postal, Death Takes A Mistress, and Death Steals A Holy Book. Plus Unto the Third Generation, A Novella of the Future, and three collections of wickedly entertaining mystery short stories—Murder, Fantasy, and Weird Tales; The Misadventures of Slim O. Wittz, Soft-Boiled Detective; and Copper and Goldie, 13 Tails of Mystery and Suspense in Hawai‘i.

ROSEMARY, a graduate of Smith College and former assistant editor of Harper’s, also delves into her own nonfiction life. She published two memoirs: Love! Laugh! Panic! Life With My Mother and the acclaimed Miriam’s World—and Mine, for the beloved daughter they lost in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. On her lighter side, Rosemary also writes award-winning humorous essays, such as failing the test to get on Jeopardy; and as a writer for a giant free-spending corporation on a sudden budget: “No new pencil unless you turn in the old stub.”  

LARRY, who was only called Lawrence when he’d done something wrong, graduated from American University in Information Systems Management. In 2019 he published his autobiography, No Place To be But Here: My Life and Times, which traces his thirty-eight-year professional engineering career from its beginning as an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy, to a field engineer riding Navy ships, to a digital systems and instrument designer for major Government contractors in the signal analysis field, to where he rose to the most senior level of principal engineer when he retired in 1993.

Making use of his past creativity and problem-solving abilities, Larry naturally drifted into the realm of mystery writing, where he also claims to be more devious than his partner in crime and best love, Rosemary. So he conjures up their plots and writes the first drafts, leaving Rosemary to breathe life into their characters and sizzle into their scenes. A perfect marriage of their talents.

THE MILDS are active members of Sisters in Crime where Larry is a Mister in Crime; Mystery Writers of America; and Hawaii Fiction Writers. In 2013 they waved goodbye to Severna Park, Maryland and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, where they cherish quality time with their daughters and grandchildren. When Honolulu hosted Left Coast Crime in 2017, Rosemary and Larry were the program co-chairs for “Honolulu Havoc.”

Over a dozen worldwide trips to Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Great Britain, France, Italy, Israel, Egypt, and more have wormed their way into their amazing stories. In their limited spare time, they are active on the Honolulu Jewish Film Festival committee, where Larry is the statistician and recordkeeper for their film ratings.   

Interview with: Rosemary and Larry Mild, coauthors of Copper and Goldie, 13 Tails of Mystery and Suspense in Hawai‘i

Tell us about your book! What is it about and what inspired you to write it?
LARRY: Homicide detective Sam Nahoe takes a bullet in his spine in the line of duty. Disabled, his career with the Honolulu Police Department shattered—what now? Jobless, lonely, and unwillingly divorced, Sam becomes a Checker Cab driver. Seeking a partner, he adopts Goldie, a rescue golden retriever—with a dollop of Doberman, and trains her to perform neat tricks like growling at a fare who doesn’t tip. He and Goldie cruise Oahu for fares, encountering thieves, kidnappers, vengeful wives, and even killers, compelling Sam to get his private investigator license. His Sunday visitations with his daughter, Peggy, can turn a magical park day into a hair-raising crime scene, but his shrewd little kid becomes a miniature sleuth in her own right. Sam’s Hawaiian heritage provides him with spunk and street smarts. With the bullet still in his spine, he hobbles around on two canes he’s dubbed Cane and Able as he orders Goldie to chase down the bad guys. His favorite snitch, card-sharp Sophie, asks him: “You still walkin’ with them giant chopsticks?” The book includes thirteen individual detective mysteries with pictures.

There really wasn’t any inspiration involved. Writing is a work of love. Copper and Goldie was the next book we were looking for. An ex-cop, a disabled native Hawaiian, and the darker streets of Honolulu produced the mix that mattered.

Tell us about your publishing process. What was it like? Did you go indie or the traditional way?
LARRY: We are Indie publishers. Rosemary and I prefer to write our first drafts using the Microsoft Works (.wps) word processor, because we don’t have to change screens quite so often as in MS Word or deal with its many quirks. When a story or book is text-ready in MS Works, I format it with Adobe’s InDesign software, which governs strict margins, headers, footers, pagination, images, and justification in accordance with a specific book’s trim size. I design the interior text. I transfer the .wps output into this software. The pdf interior text output is what we send to the printer. Using the page count, we obtain a cover template with the correct spine size from the printer, and purchase the bar code image from Bowker Identifier Services. We send the cover template, the bar code image, our preliminary cover design, and back-cover blurb off to our cover designer. After several proof exchanges, we wind up with a pdf of our new cover. We then upload this and the interior text pdf to our printer, Lightning Source, Inc., a division of Ingram, the largest distributor of English language books in the world. After at least one exchange of proofs, we order copies to sell locally. Others are sold through Ingram, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. I also use InDesign’s html output to format two types of e-books, Kindle and Nook, through Amazon Kindle Create and Nook Press.

How did you choose the title for your book? Did it come to you right away, before you started writing it or did it come later?
LARRY: We hadn’t even written the first story yet, but we had identified the ex-cop and his female golden retriever partner. Her color wasn’t brown or tan, it was gold; and so the name Goldie emerged. Goldie and the Ex-cop didn’t have a ring to it, but Copper and Goldie did, so it became our title. Our subtitle, 13 Tails of Mystery and Suspense in Hawai‘i, wasn’t added until we put the short story collection together. We used a friend’s dog named Tavi for a few of the book’s photos, Goldie’s stand-in, so to speak. In the book we quote Tavi as saying, or is it woofing, “….By the way, these authors do know that a tail is something that follows me around wherever I go, and a tale is a story told about a dog like me. Rosemary grew up with a golden named September Blaze. She devotes a chapter to him in her memoir Love! Laugh! Panic! Life With My Mother. Rosemary and Larry also immortalize a golden in Locks and Cream Cheese, their first mystery novel, where Shana helps catch a vicious thug….”

Tell us about your cover design process. Did you have a basic idea of what your book cover would be like?
LARRY: We knew the cover to Copper and Goldie had to have four elements: A classic Checker Cab, a golden retriever, a mention of police, and a palm tree as a symbol of Hawaii. We located stock pictures of the cab and I came up with the idea of using a picture of seated Tavi for the “I” in Goldie. To denote that Copper meant a policeman, the word was colored deep blue as the word Goldie was colored gold. We had all the elements for our cover. By the time we ship our cover suggestions off to the cover designer we know exactly what we want. Prior to becoming an Indie publisher, we had no say in what was on the cover. Our cover designer selects the font and font size, the background and the basic colors, and adjusts the layout within the confines of the printer’s template.

Who is your cover designer and how did you find her?
LARRY: Marilyn Drea, Professional Graphic Design Services, in Annapolis, Maryland, has designed our covers ever since we bought back our rights from our original publishers. She was referred to us by a friend in the Maryland Writers’ Association.

How was your experience working with the designer?
LARRY: Marilyn is knowledgeable, talented, and a pleasure to deal with. She’s a pure graphics designer, not an artist. None of our covers ever required specific artwork, so she was the perfect match for us.

What has been the readers’ response to your cover?
LARRY: The first batch of books arrived only two days ago. The first few friends to see it loved the cover and bought copies, so we have high hopes for Copper and Goldie. When all fifteen of our books are on display for signings and sales, we find even passersby are stopped in their tracks with titles like Locks and Cream Cheese, Hot Grudge Sunday, Boston Scream Pie, and more.

What tips would you give to authors who are looking for a cover designer?
LARRY: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply here. Do check out the designer’s workmanship and experience. First, look at past covers. Decide whether you need an artist or a graphic designer. Discuss the technical aspects to determine whether the designer is easy to work with and compatible with what you are looking for. Check out pricing on former work before you commit to anything. Speak with a former customer if possible. Good luck!

Anything else you’d like to say about your book?
LARRY: We published ten of the thirteen short stories in an online e-zine. A recent email from the editor said, “Your stories are fun and a great addition to Mysterical-E—keep sending!” A reader of “Carnival Caper” wrote: “I loved the detail. ‘Spam musubi,’ ‘intentional shortage of gunpowder.’ I was rooting for Sam all along. Glad he got his man.” Author Lizbeth Hartz commented about “A Dead Man Isn’t Fare”: “Really enjoyed the story, Rosemary and Larry. Couldn’t stop reading from the first word to the last. Clever and engaging, Well done.”

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Encounters by Patrick Stull

ENCOUNTERS by Patrick Stull

Author: Patrick Stull
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 250
Genre: Fine Art Photography Book

With photography at its base, Stull offers a nuanced explication of his encounters to allow the viewer an opportunity to form a relationship with his art. While looking within ourselves, exploring our own feelings, he hopes that he will inspire greater humaneness in response to his art.

ENCOUNTERS is the second in a series of six large-format books in which artist, photographer and author, Patrick Stull explores a wide range of experiences. Using light and the physical body, the written word and his artistry he creates imagery that examines aspects of the lives of women.
Compiled over the last 18 years, the images in ENCOUNTERS, Stull says, are meant to “inspire and challenge the observer while always empowering the subject.”

Stull brings a powerful sense of the surreal and the spiritual to his work as he plots a course along the many paths of the human experience. His imagery runs from the ghostly and ephemeral to the flowing and fiery.

As much as he concentrates on the human form, Stull never forgets to focus on the humanity of his subjects. His choice of the coffee-table style book format draws the viewer into an experience both intimate and universal.

Stull’s first book in his series, titled EVOLVE, was published in 2006. A third book, titled HIDDEN DIMENSIONS, is completed and awaiting publication. Future titles in the series include DHARMA, BEING DIFFERENT, and YOGA, A HEALING MOMENT.

Stull hopes that his readers come away from the book with “a love for art and a respect for the female who gives us life and challenges us to be better human beings.




Encounters is a collection of imagery created and compiled over the last 15 years to inspire and challenge the observer while always empowering the subject. The imagery is coupled with text, odes and perspectives about the human experience and existence itself. The imagery is mostly an explication, an intimate view of the lives of women and our relationship to them – on an individual and cultural level. However, there are images of men included in this work. A portion of the portfolio presents something more than a photographic image. Here the imagery is developed into contemplative art pieces of the surreal genre, where the viewer is transported into the depths of their own psyche challenging them to see something new.


American artist Patrick Stull has spent the last eighteen years mostly creating imagery about the lives of women. He searches for what lies beneath the surface of his subjects, empowering each one he encounters. He has recently ventured into the realm of surrealism, creating powerful imagery that reflects on our humanity while dealing with the meaning and power of art.

Stull say's, "My work has allowed me to venture past the camera into the realm of a humanist, an artistic life, delving into the intellectual, a more cerebral life experience, creating what I call 'connectivism.'"  

His ongoing work is based in large-scale digital photography accompanied by sculpture/body casts, composition art, painting, poetry/prose and drawings.  His art is then integrated, collectively, into exhibitions to provide the viewer a once in a lifetime experience. The presentation of the work is delivered to the viewer in a unique and emotionally powerful way. 

Stull, 71, a self-taught artist, works in many artistic disciplines. Educated at San Diego State University with degrees in psychology, economics and philosophy during the 1960’s, amidst the backdrop of the counter-culture revolution and the Viet Nam War, where his social consciousness and political views were shaped. Stull emerged from a Catholic Irish/German family, one of five children where work, discipline and religion took precedence over emotional expressions of the self – a different kind of loving environment. Being a husband of thirty-plus years and father to two has taught him the power of kindness, love and commitment. 

His latest book is the fine art photography book, Encounters.
Visit his website at www.patrickstull.com.


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Book Blast: The Weapons of Light by Lairyck Beliveau - Win a $25 Gift Card


Inside the Book:

Title: The Weapons of Light
Author: Lairyck Beliveau
Publisher: XLibris 
Genre: Poetry
Format: Ebook

The Weapons of Light is a composition of sixteen interlocking poetic essays, five poems, and three short stories. The purpose of this book is to shed light on the condition and state of the fighting spirit within us all. This book is also a unique inspirational guide that combines poetry, spirituality, and fantasy to maintain the reader’s interest in an atmosphere of both fidelity and mysticism. The book is kept short with the rigors of daily labor in mind for those who like to read but are now unable to find time. The prerogative of any poet is to capture the times as best as they can: the feeling, the atmosphere, and the surge of human emotion. The author, Lairyck Beliveau, utilizes a method of combining poetic license and academic article writing to bring you a very deep and entertaining perspective of life and its emotional struggles

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Q&A with 'Where To? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free' Jennifer B. Monahan

Jennifer B. Monahan is a business strategy consultant, shaman and coach who helps people all over the world live courageous lives. Her first book, This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution (She Writes Press, 2016), has won six literary awards, including two first-place Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards and a 2017 National Indie Excellence Award. Her second book, Where To? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free, was published in April 2019, and describes her personal journey through Guatemala, Japan, Cambodia and Thailand as she faces down some of the greatest losses in her life.

She is a regular contributor to Medium.com, Sivana East, and has had articles published on MindBodyGreen.com and Inc.com. Her podcast, Living A Courageously Authentic Life, can be found on BlogTalkRadio.com, and focuses on a variety of topics to help others be true to themselves.

She holds a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Bridgeport (CT), an MBA in Marketing from the University of Connecticut, a Masters in Natural Health from Clayton College, and completed an accredited coaching program through Coach U. Her shamanic training began with a Mayan shaman in Mexico and then expanded to include shamans in Guatemala and her own personal guides.

She currently splits her time between the United States and Guatemala when not traveling and is in the process of writing her third book, a handbook for people looking to define, create and live their courageously authentic life. You can find her online at www.SpiritEvolution.co.


Tell us about your book! What is it about and what inspired you to write it?

Being an author was never on my bucket list.  But a bad accident and three months of disability leave where I was stuck on my couch gave me the time to write my first book, This Trip Will Change Your Life. The accident also gave me a lot of time to really assess how I had been living my life, which became the starting point for my second book, Where To?.

I realized that I had been “playing it safe” with my life and my career and that I had been holding myself back from truly living the life that I wanted to live.  I vowed that I would honor my life and start living courageously and authentically…as soon as I could walk again!

It ended up taking over 14 months before I could walk without a cast, crutch or brace, but that time allowed me to really think about what it was that I wanted to create with my life. At face value, if you had looked at my life prior to the accident, you would have said that I was living a rich, interesting life and to some extent I was.  But what I wasn’t doing was following my heart, taking some risks and just living.

I took my first big risk when I published my first book.  In it I opened up and shared aspects of myself that I hadn’t really shared before.  But I knew that I needed to do more – I needed to shed the limiting beliefs and personas that I had been carrying with me for most of my life that were preventing me from being “me.” And so I decided to jump right into the deep end and walk away from all of the things that had been giving me a false sense of security about my life – my job and my home – and try living the way I wanted to live.

I had a number of people tell me that I was crazy, but even more people cheered me on and begged me to tell them what – and how – I was doing.  I had people call and email me, asking me how I was able to do what I was doing and looking for advice on how to start living their own authentic lives. It became a no-brainer to write down my experiences. Where To? tells the story of what happened to me, the lessons I learned, and the amazing adventures I had as I learned to live in a way that felt authentic and true to me.

Where To? takes place primarily in the Guatemalan jungle, but also in Japan, Cambodia and Thailand.  It tells how I lived in a thatched-roof hut in a tiny village, connected with local shamans and participated in their ancient rituals, become fully integrated into the daily life of local families, and ultimately faced down some of the greatest losses and long-buried pain I had experienced.  In the book I share the six steps I took to heal and create the life of my dreams and include a workbook for readers to do the same.

Tell us about your publishing process. What was it like? Did you go indie or the traditional way?

I decided to go the self-publishing route after a contract with a traditional publisher fell through.
Once I had finished writing and editing the book, I started to think of my options for publishing. I decided to pitch my book to smaller traditional publishers that didn’t require a literary agent. 
I enjoyed going through the thought process to create the pitch materials and found it helped me really hone in on my audience and the selling points of the book.  I sent out about a dozen pitch submissions to editors and was thrilled when one of the publishers that I was really interested in emailed me back saying they were interested in my book and wanted to review the full manuscript.
I sent it over and then waited for what felt like an eternity.  I was at my gate in the Guatemala City airport about to board my flight when I got the email back from the publisher that every author dreams of:

“I am interested in publishing this book.  After reading the first few chapters, I can tell you are a skilled writer who can communicate concepts easily in a style that keeps the reader’s attention.  If the rights are still available, I’d like to present you with a publishing proposal.”

Every person at the gate stared at me when I whooped and jumped up and down.  Of course I said yes.  And then I waited again for the proposal. Ultimately, the proposal didn’t come.  After more consideration, the publisher decided that the genre of my book was not in line with the genres that his firm published and withdrew his offer.

I was disappointed, but overall, I’d say that my experience pitching my book to traditional publishers was positive – and reaffirming given the fact that my book made it to the point of a proposal through a traditional publisher.

That feedback was what made me decide to self-publish.  I knew the book itself was solid and that it would appeal to readers. The process of self-publishing was easy; my book was available within a month of me making the decision.

How did you choose the title for your book? Did it come to you right away, before you started writing it, or did it come later?

The book title was actually the last thing that I did.  I had finished writing the book and was working with my editor for a final round of polishing before starting the publishing process.  At that point I still had a very exciting working title along the lines of “Book Two.” My editor and I began brainstorming names and she came up with Where To?. As soon as she said it, I know it was perfect.  It not only summed up the physical nomadic journey I take in the book (as in: where to next?) but was a great tie to the title of my first book as well.

Tell us about the cover design process. Did you have a basic idea of what your book cover would be like?

Once the title of the book was defined, the cover became a lot easier.  At one point I was thinking that the cover should have a taxicab on it, since “Where To?” is the first question a cabbie asks you when you get into a cab, but once the book’s tagline was defined, having luggage on the cover made more sense.

That being said, I created three versions of the cover – two with luggage and one with a woman on a journey – and posted them on social media and through my newsletter to my readers and followers and let them vote for the cover they thought was best given the description I shared.  I ended up using the cover that got the most votes.

Who is your cover designer and how did you find him/her?

I designed the cover myself, using a publicly available photo from Pixabay.com.

What has been the readers’ response to your cover?

Overall the response has been positive.  As I mentioned, giving my readers and followers the opportunity to vote gave me some insights into what appealed to them.  Plus it was a lot of fun!

Thank you, Jennifer! Be sure to check out her book below!

About the Book:

When Jennifer Monahan announced her intention to leave her well-established career as a business strategy consultant and give up her rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco to do a global walkabout for an undetermined amount of time, her friends and family thought she was insane. But
Jennifer was excited about taking the time to truly explore and immerse herself in a variety of cultures, so their skepticism didn’t faze her; plus she was used to traveling alone as a woman with only one carry-on bag. What she didn’t count on was discovering all the excess baggage she had been carrying with her from her past.

WHERE TO? chronicles one year of Monahan’s life, primarily in the Guatemalan jungle, but also in Japan, Cambodia and Thailand. Living in a thatched-roof hut in a tiny village, Monahan connected with local shamans and participated in their ancient rituals, became fully integrated into the daily life of a local family, and ultimately faced down some of the greatest losses and long-buried pain she had experienced. WHERE TO? shares the six steps she took to heal and courageously create the life of her dreams and includes a workbook for readers to do the same.

"Some memoirs tell us stories and open up worlds we never knew, but some open up places in our own hearts and souls that we have wanted to explore and have never given ourselves the chance to do so. Where To? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free by Jennifer B. Monahan belongs to the second category of memoirs...While it reads like the memoir of a woman who takes the courage to explore the world, this memoir has powerful spiritual hints. In fact, it is the story of a soul in search of itself. Where To? is a spiritual testament, a book that describes a journey towards inner freedom and authenticity. Many readers will feel the resonance of Jennifer's story in their own lives." 

- Christian Sia, Reader's Favorite Book Reviews