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What's In Your Barn? by Lindon King

Title: What’s In Your Barn?
Author: Lindon King
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 44
Genre: Essay

What’s in your barn… reminds us of who we are as created beings and inspires a purpose filled way of life. We are not deserving of the gift of life or of the benefits it brings but instead we should count ourselves privileged and blessed for God’s unmerited favour. The decisions we make create our path and influence a way of life for others. We should therefore be reminded that the path of life is for every one and comes with no detours; this path is inevitable and takes us all from "the cradle to the grave.

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Book Excerpt:

Entrenched in our society is an arguable understanding that socioeconomic attributes determine our intrinsic value or the lack thereof. It should therefore be understood that we are also validated by our abilities and resilience in addressing and dealing with the unexpected intermissions and interruptions that come with this incomparable package called life.

Though it has been said the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we must all come to the understanding that there is beauty and a God –given value in each of us, even if the beholder fails to see it, or fails to admit that this is so.

Regardless of the value we may place on ourselves, or that has been placed on us by others, our true worth will be determined by the test of time. It is therefore our responsibility to demonstrate our true value and to understand that the path of life will take us all from the cradle to the grave.  

Lindon King Talks Book Covers

The cover design of my book What’s In Your Barn? …Only Time Will Tell!  was my idea and was designed by my son Lindon Jr. A. King. We discussed other options, had a few debates on two other designs until it was noticed that this design gives an insight of the contents.

A single barn beautifully designed with the doors and windows closed, erected on a parcel of land and was built by the owner for a purpose. The barn is built from materials that allow it to withstand the harsh climate, snow, rain, wind, the scorching heat from the rays of the sun and even to withstand the occasional storms. The doors and windows are securely locked to keep out intruders and this gives the owner peace of mind to know that the prized possessions are secured. But in spite of the owner’s efforts if this barn is not properly maintained the prized possessions will be at risk. No one but the owner knows what’s in that barn until the contents are revealed.

As created beings, there are treasures locked up within us and if we are not careful
the good thoughts and deeds that are instore can be replaced with things of lesser value. It is our duty to guard our mind and our heart against intruders and against the things that will rob us of our purpose in life. We should at all times try our best to cultivate positive and meaningful thoughts.

No one knows what’s in the mind or the heart of another human being until a situation arise that causes that which has been instore to be revealed. The things that are revealed give evidence to the character of the owner of the barn.

What’s in Your Barn? …Only Time Will Tell!

About the Author

Lindon J. King was born in Jamaica West Indies and migrated to Toronto Canada in 1992. Lindon is a former student of Fair Prospect Primary and Secondary Schools and Prospect College in Jamaica and a former student of Ryerson University in Toronto Canada. Lindon is the author of "The Wounds Have Healed. ...The Scars Are Bleeding" which was published in 2009.
Lindon’s latest book is What’s In Your Barn?

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