Monday, May 24, 2021

❀Book Cover Review❀ MU: THE GRIMM CASES COLLECTION PART ONE by Lyla Oweds #BookCoverReview

Tada! Another book cover review from moi! Look at this...beautiful cover! This is MU: THE GRIMM CASES COLLECTION PART ONE by Lyla Oweds. Love the gold with the burgundy, but I'm getting ahead of myself - full review below!

Hold on a second...let me see who made this cover. Whoa...independently published. I must email the author to find out who did it because whoever it is surely knew what they were doing. So who is the woman, you suppose? She looks gutsy. An in charge sort of woman. From what I understand, this is a young adult paranormal. Is the woman a ghost? Who is she? From the blurb - "But the spirit haunting my professor’s house is definitely trying to tell me something, and I’m the only one who can see it."  Okay, she must be a ghost seer! Beautiful cover; excellent job goes toward the cover artist.

Lyla Oweds has millions of books out - well maybe not millions but an awful lot. There's Origins, Ghost, Blood, Hidden, and Balance. These all appear to be in the Mu: The Grimm Cases collection. And she has more books! All appear to have beautiful covers so maybe she used the same cover artist?

In summary, Mu definitely deserves my 5 stars!

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