Monday, February 21, 2022


I haven't done a book review cover for awhile so it is my pleasure to review the cover of a new book out by Ross Dreiblatt. The title of the book is I Am Not Brad Pitt and Other Stories and is the first of three riotously absurd tales in Ross Dreiblatt's debut short-story collection sending up America's sometimes-fatal celebrity obsessions.

“I Am Not Brad Pitt” opens in a prison cell in which Mr. Pitt’s clone-like doppelganger, Tobey Crawford, remorsefully recounts the sequence of unlikely events that resulted in his wrongful conviction for murder.

The second story, “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself,” considers the possibility that Keith Richards (along with, for good measure, Dolly Parton) is, indeed, a vampire. Nobel-Prize laureate Bob Dylan, the story’s vampire-killer, is equipped with more than just a harmonica and tambourine.

The final work in the collection, “Keeping Compliant With The Kardashians,” examines whether Kardashian family members are, in fact, aliens from another galaxy and what precisely is their interest on Earth.

Each of the stories are told with engaging humor, and each pokes fun more at American culture than they do, generally, of the celebrities themselves.

Frankly, not only do I love the title the author gave this book but I also love the cover. Is that Brad Pitt behind the letters or the author? I can't tell but I think the point of covering up part of the face was well played. 

It looks to me like this is Ross Dreiblatt's debut into the literary world. What a wonderful start!

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