Tuesday, February 1, 2022

❀Book Cover Review❀ THE WITCH OF RATHBORNE CASTLE by Virginia Barlow #BookCoverReview

 Okay, do I have a beautiful cover to showcase today or what? This, my dear friends, is Virginia Barlow's striking cover for The Witch of Rathborne Castle. Cute, eh?

This to me screams paranormal. Witches. Wolves. Love the mist at the bottom - quite a nice addition to the cover. Love the title font...very perfect for a book that's a paranormal romance. If I didn't open the book, the cover would automatically tell me that there's a castle and is that red-headed woman a witch? And the wolf must have some kind of symbolism. I absolutely love this cover.

Virginia Barlow is no stranger to writing books. She is not only the author of The Witch of Rathborne Castle, but she also wrote and published Wylder Bachelor, Coconut Macaroon Scandal, A Fallacious Seduction, and The Wicked Sister.

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