Monday, October 10, 2022

❀Book Cover Review❀ LATER BY COLETTE R. HARRELL #BookCoverReview

 I can't wait to show you this cover. This is a historical fiction / interracial / supernatural / paranormal fiction titled Later by a talented author, Colette R. Harrell.

Simply a stunning cover!

In 1859, Junie Benson was a twelve-year-old genius and enslaved. His older sister, Sari, had her own difficulties, including being auctioned to the highest bidder. She was also beautiful, flighty, and had a repetitive dream about a hazel-eyed white stranger. 

Everybody with the good sense God had given them knew even her dream was forbidden. 

In the present, three things troubled ex-Special Forces Lt. Colonel Zachary Trumble . . . his new job as director of security for Burstein Labs, his loveless marriage, and the green-eyed siren who won’t let him sleep in peace. 

Then time’s fickle hand brewed a recipe for a miracle . . . Stir in three runaway slaves, an avalanche, one mad scientist, and an unhappy, in-love hero to create a dish for revenge best served . . . Later.

To me, this looks like two lovers descending upon heaven. I'm sure I'm way off key, lol.  It truly is a remarkable cover, though. I love the colors and can't find anything to negatively critique it about. At first, the cover says to me it's a fantasy and I don't see fantasy in the description, but all in all this is one beautiful cover.

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