Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Cover Junkie Interviews Western/Fantasy Author Thomas Rottinghaus

Thomas Rottinghaus became fascinated with the written word and the power of imagination at a very young age, reading virtually everything he could get his hands on by authors as diverse as Jules Verne, Louis La’Mour, JRR Tolkien and Stephen King. He went on to study literature and writing at Colorado Mesa University, formerly known as Mesa State College, before pursuing a career in agribusiness. His writing blends genres into an entertaining amalgam of fantasy, westerns, science fiction and adventure. He resides in a small town in Colorado with his wife, Lisa, a very energetic blue heeler named Jake and a herd of cats.

Tell us about your book! What is it about and what inspired you to write it? Graywullf follows the exploits of a band of gunslinging lawmen in a fantasy land called Norland.
Tell us about your publishing process. What was it like? Did you go indie or the traditional way? I went Indie and found that there are about a hundred million self published authors all trying to sell their book.
How did you choose the title for your book? Did it come to you right away, before you started writing the story, or did it come later? Graywullf came to me while writing.
Tell us about the cover design process. Did you have a basic idea of what your book cover would be like? I knew I wanted the cover to be bigger than life, like the so called spaghetti Westerns of the 1970’s.
Who is your cover designer and how did you find him/her? I found David Paul while cruising the internet searching for images.
How was your experience working with the designer? It was great. He was very accommodating.
What has been the readers’ response to your cover? Everyone thinks the cover is awesome.
What tips would you give to authors who are looking for a cover designer? Look on the internet first. There are thousands of talented artists who will work for a very reasonable fee.
Anything else you’d like to say about your book?
Everyone who has read Graywullf wants to read book two….

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