Friday, October 7, 2016

Book Cover Junkie with Sally Fernandez, author of CLIMATIZED

As with all my book covers, I conjure up my vision, pulling from the storyline. Happily, I never received any pushback from David Dunham, my publisher, and he assigns the project to one of the designers in his stable. I have to admit all my covers are amazing and that is a credit to his team at Dunham Books. However, the cover design for Climatized took an interesting twist. David, who is based out of Nashville, was familiar with an amazing country music artist by the name of Mary Sue Englund, who is also a talented graphic designer, when not touring with Pam Tillis. So David organized a conference call with Mary Sue for us to discuss the cover. This was the first time I spoke directly to the designer. Ironically, minutes before the arranged meeting, my husband, who is also my editor walked into my office with a sketch of an iceberg—on my computer screen was a photo of an iceberg—then the call came through.

I described to Mary Sue the storyline: a fast-paced murder mystery that uncovers the real causes behind global warming and what the world can expect in the future. Of course, there was a bit more detail as I waxed on, displaying my vivid imagination. Then, within a matter of days, Mary Sue presented me with four distinctively different designs. One cover was dark with rain pouring down, another with a scorched earth and a city skyline in the background, the third was an ice flow breaking apart, and the forth is the one you see today. Each cover was amazing in its own right, but I got my iceberg. The only change I made was to darken the sky to make the cover seem more ominous. 


Genre: Thriller
Author: Sally Fernandez
Publisher: Dunham Books
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About the Book:

She’s been an analyst, a spy, an investigator, and the deputy director of the States Intelligence Agency. After resigning her post at the SIA, Max Ford formally declares her independence when she bursts onto the Washington DC scene as a private investigator. While her new incarnation as PI indulges her penchant for sleuthing, her style remains unchanged. Seems Max is still brash, tenacious, tough—and unwilling to bow down to anyone, including elite and powerful politicians. Right out of the starting gate, Max finds herself embroiled in an unseemly web of mystery, murder andintrigue. When Senator Sherman Spark, a prominent Republican from Florida, is found dead in Lincoln Park, the police quickly rule the death a suicide. But Isabelle Spark, the late Senator’s wife, isn’t buying it and hires Max to prove there is something more sinister at work. Max quickly finds suspicious circumstances surrounding the Senator: two world-renowned scientists died days before they were scheduled to testify before the late Senator’s investigative committee on climate change initiatives. But when she realizes the connection to global warming, big money, deceit, and treachery, Max’s investigation accelerates in a most dangerous way.  No sooner than Max starts to unravel the mystery, a third scientist dies under questionable circumstances. Then a fourth scientist goes missing—and this missing scientist could be the key to unearthing the motives behind the deaths. Against the backdrop of a ticking clock, Max and her partner, Jackson Monroe, launch a pulse-quickening quest to find the missing scientist, and find the truth. This twisty, circuitous path leads them to the powerful organization behind the killings.  But Max Ford might find herself on the wrong side of a lot of powerful people, because what she discovers could have devastating, worldwide implications. And when that evidence is presented to the president, he will be forced to make a crucial decision:  cover up a diabolical plot, or bring down a multi-trillion-dollar worldwide economy…

Suspenseful, spellbinding and sensational, Climatized delivers red-hot action, a sizzling storyline, and a scorcher of a plot.   Briskly paced, steeped in facts, and resplendent with political intrigue,Climatized is an extraordinary—and extraordinarily provocative—thriller.  Sally Fernandez turns upthe heat in Climatized, a tale that will leave readers breathless.

About the Author:

Sally Fernandez is a world traveler and political junkie with a vivid imagination. She and her husband divide their time between their homes in Florida and in Florence, Italy. 


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