Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New Book: The Art of Making Decisions, by Philip Kimble

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The Art of Making Good Decisions by Philip Kimble Now Available Nationwide

NASHVILLE, Tenn.  – Feeling stumped, stymied, or stupefied by a big (or small) decision? A new book, The Art of Making Good Decisions by Philip Kimble, takes the guesswork out of common decision-making quandaries and explains how to make good, solid, choices—easily, quickly, and consistently.
Sources estimate that an individual makes more than 30,000 conscious decisions each day.  While most decisions are relatively minor—researchers at Cornell University suggest that persons typically make over 200 decisions a day on food alone—decisions, even the small ones, matter.  Consequently, being able to make consistently good, solid decisions is vitally important to our well-being, our livelihood, and our happiness.
Written by Atlanta area resident Philip Kimble, The Art of Making Good Decisions, explains how—and why—to make good decisions.  A groundbreaking book filled with fascinating insights, tips, tricks and techniques, The Art of Making Good Decisions is published in trade paper (ISBN: 978-1542404075, 168 pages, $9.95) and eBook ($9.50) editions and is now available wherever fine books are sold.
Author Philip Kimble takes readers on an enlightening journey through the decision-making process in The Art of Making Good Decisions.  In this thoughtful and thought-provoking guide, Kimble sheds light on such topics as:  the three driving elements to any decision; elements of the decision model sequence; the key component behind bad decisions; how to recognize a good decision; what happens when decisions need to be tweaked—aka zigging and zagging;  becoming a more confident decision maker; and other important topics. Moreover, The Art of Making Good Decisions is filled with step-by-step examples, sage advice, and anecdotes.
Clear, concise, and imminently readable, The Art of Making Good Decisions presents an eye-opening look at the decision making process. Part how-to manual, part coach, part mentor in a book, The Art of Making Good Decisions is intended for anyone who has struggled with making decisions.
So the next time you find yourself frustrated, flummoxed, or frazzled when facing a decision, take heart:  by applying the principles outlined in The Art of Making Good Decisions, you can begin your transition from inaction to decisiveness and bring sense and clarity to choices. Now that’s a good decision.

Philip Kimble lives in the Atlanta area with his wife Julie. 
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