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❀New Romantic Suspense Book Alert❀: Crossing a Fine Line: The McKay Series Book 5 by W.L. Brooks


Crossing a Fine Line: The McKay Series Book 5
W.L. Brooks
The Wild Rose Press
314 pages
Romantic Suspense

Fletcher J. McKay has been shot, driven insane, and tortured by a madman, so what’s one more psycho coming after her? But this foe’s disturbing attempts to extinguish Fletch’s light leave her shaken. Running out of options, she must consort with the enemy.

Fletcher is undoubtedly Sheriff Noah Reed’s nemesis. Their discord began with an irrevocable outcome of an unforeseeable trauma, but duty demands he keeps her safe. The closer he gets, the more his loathing turns to lust.

Devastated by loss, Fletcher agrees to go into Noah’s protective custody. Passion takes them across the boundaries of their animosity, but is their tentative bond enough? Or is the line between love and hate, as with life and death, fixed.

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Book Excerpt

Noah walked barefoot to his office and poured himself a scotch. He closed his eyes as the liquid traced a molten path to his stomach. Shaking it off, he sat at his desk and flicked on the TV for background noise. On top of his stack of mail was a letter with his name on it, one that hadn’t been there before. 

Opening the drawer to his left, he pulled out a pair of latex gloves. Using every precaution, he unsealed the envelope and dumped out the contents. 

He picked it up with his thumb and forefinger and unfolded the paper. 

Reed around the rosy 

Someone’s too damn nosy

 Ashes to embers 

Make sure he remembers 

Ashes take flight

 Someone dies tonight 

What the hell? Someone had been in his house. He squeezed his eyes shut. She’d broken in before. Hadn’t she?

 Damn it; this had gone too far. He got a plastic baggy from the kitchen, put the note inside, slipped on his loafers, and grabbed his keys. So much for getting any sleep tonight.

About the Author


W.L. Brooks was born with an active imagination.  When characters come into her mind, she has to give them a life- a chance to tell their stories. With a coffee cup in her hand and a cat by her side, she spends her days letting the ideas flow onto paper.  A voracious reader, she draws her inspiration from mystery, romance, suspense and a dash of the paranormal.

A native of Virginia Beach, she is currently living in Western North Carolina. Pick up her latest novel, Unearthing the Past - available now!




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