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❀New Thriller Book Alert❀: Fateful Connections by Karen Charles



Fateful Connections
Karen Charles
91 pages

Fateful Connections tells the story of four people brought together by the tragic events of 9/11 in the United States. These four individuals were attending a conference in Seattle, Washington, and found it nearly impossible to make it back to their homes, which were scattered across the country. They decide to rent a car and drive together, as they cannot get any flights home. As rental cars are also impossible to come upon, they find a friend who has access to a repossessed car, which he is willing to rent out. Unbeknownst to the friends, the rightful owner of the car wants his car back, and as they find out, hidden inside the car are drugs and guns. What ensues is a dangerous journey which impacts the four friends’ lives forever. The story follows them on their harrowing journey home, then one and two years later as they meet up for an annual reunion. 

The strengths of this story are the easy-to-read narrative and compelling plot. The author introduces four intriguing main characters, as well as a number of antagonists, who hunt down the friends and engage in dangerous and illegal plans to not only recapture their guns and drugs, but also kill the friends so there are no witnesses to their illegal activities. The reader is instantly drawn into the storyline, and moves along with the characters as they experience fear, joy, love, and relief. The plot is compelling, and the reader cannot help but become invested in the lives of these four main characters.


Book Excerpt

President Bush was making another announcement. The Federal Aviation Administration had issued the first national ground stop in US history, prohibiting departures for all civilian aircraft. After the third hijacked plane struck the Pentagon, all aircraft were ordered to land at the nearest airport. Three and a half hours after the first plane hit, all US airspace was clear. 

Suddenly, Ethan, who had been unusually quiet, jumped to his feet. “Our flights!” he yelled. “We don’t have any way to get home!” 

The room was silent. “Maybe we could rent a car,” Harper suggested. 

Henry sprang into action, calling every car rental agency in Seattle. Nothing was available. Dismayed, he sank into his chair. “What are we going to do now?” 

After thoughtful silence, Owen spoke up. “I have a friend over on Yesler Way who repossesses cars. Maybe he might have an idea what we could do.” 

Everyone agreed, hoping for a solution to their transportation dilemma. Ethan had to get home to San Jose, California; Owen to Santa Clarita, California; Harper to Phoenix, Arizona; and Henry to Austin, Texas. All of them, industry-leading CEOs of No. 1 ranked companies, had flown in to attend this elite executive conference. 

Owen interrupted a conversation about the ramifications of air travel being halted. “My friend Jimmy says he has a car we can use. They don’t usually rent them, but in these unusual circumstances, he doesn’t see any problem. It was repossessed a while ago, so the guy has had lots of time to make up his payments. Jimmy said we can pick it up anytime.” 

“Wait a minute,” objected Ethan. “Are you sure it’s legal?” 

“We don’t have any other options,” confirmed Owen. 

“Let’s pack, get some sleep, and leave in the morning,” instructed Henry, always the leader. 

Jimmy had the car ready for them early the next day. 

“What happens if that guy gets the money and comes back for his car?” asked Ethan, still worried about this being a smart idea. 

“He’s probably got another set of wheels by now,” answered Jimmy. “Don’t think we’ll ever see his ugly face again!”

About the Author


Karen Charles is a children’s book author and educator. She lives with her husband on a beautiful bay in Washington State. Her latest book is the thriller, Fateful Connections.



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