Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Guest post by Jonisha Rios, author of 'Curse of the Blue Vagina'

Thanks so much for featuring my book!  Honestly the smoothest part of the book process for me was finding the artist that created my cover.  His name is Tim Pryor of "Pryority Design Studio."  I have met many artists and awesome creative folks out there and in order to be sure I had many designs to choose from to get the perfect cover, I ran a contest on 99 designs.  I have to say there were so many talented artists who do great work to choose from and in the end it boiled down to 5 designs and finally the cover was chosen.
I  think my stories are intimate and simple and that is why I chose this cover.  It was a clean simple design that conveyed the message of the book.  I also wanted a cartoonish vibe because my book is actually not a sex book-- therefore I felt that the cartoon drawing showed certain playfulness.  The theme behind all of my stories is about being emotionally naked - being vulnerable.  

The wedding ring was symbolically placed where I have it because the common thread for the characters in all of the stories throughout the book is about them honoring themselves enough to make a commitment to themselves before any other. Whether its their voice, their passion, their bodies- as a woman I wanted to remind them that when we choose to honor others without forgetting to respect and cherish ourselves, we can end up with the “curse of the blue vagina”.  And that is what this humorous collection is all about.


Jonisha Rios is an accomplished screenwriter, author, director and actress that currently resides in California. She teaches Solo-show workshops to adults and kids. 

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